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An Overview of my week. How I’m progressing and any other news.

Another Week


This week has felt pretty unproductive, mainly due to a succession of cluster headaches and migraines plus two trips to the hospital with my youngest.

I haven’t done any work on Nyla of Strohum (except a little research which of course means going off on interesting but not terribly Novel related tangents).

No work has been done on editing my short story “The Wedding Gown” which is time sensitive. Nor have I read the short stories of others in my group ready to give suggestions and feedback, this also has a time limit.

I have however managed to write a short piece for “Writing Prompt Wednesday (I hope you enjoyed it), and I have been┬áreading a book on how to improve my dialogue, some interesting suggestions I am going to try.

For Friends on Friday, I have lined up an interview with fantasy author, Chris Picone. This will be up either this week or next.

Another writing project has come to mind thanks to planning for an extended holiday tour through Europe and The U.K. I am thinking that I could turn this trip ┬áinto a small book signing tour (we wont be going until April 2021), which means “Nyla of Strohum” is now also time locked as it will need to be finished, edited and published by Christmas 2020. So I now need to work out some deadlines to achieve this (something I have never done). While on this Book Signing/Holiday Tour I plan to start writing a FACTUAL (definitly not my genre) travel book. So a lot of challenges ahead for me.

Join me for Writing Prompt Wednesday, see you then.


What a week it has been.

Welcome to my first Mashed-up Monday, where I let you know what is happening in my life and my writing community.

This week I have been focusing on getting my website and blog pages up and running. I hope you are enjoying them.

I have also been concentrating my efforts this week in more research for my fantasy novel Nyla of Strohum. It’s amazing how many tangents your mind can be distracted by.

I have interviewed fantasy author Benjamin Patterson, ready for the next installment of Friends on Friday, and I’m organizing an interview with children’s author/illustrator Maggie O’Hara.

Tonight I will be at my writer’s group (Townsville Speculative Fiction Group), where we get together and have a writing prompt and if we feel confident share what we are working on, (sometimes we just need a little help in getting over a hump in our writing) and the suggestions and support are very helpful. We also spend a little time editing and discussing some of the short stories being submitted into our anthology OMENS, (this has been a very exciting process, as has seeing the various aspects of production and promoting).

Join me on Wednesday for my next Writing Prompt, until then, take care and keep on writing.