This is all your fault

Today’s Writing Challenge.

Look at this picture for about five minutes. Then set a timer for twenty-five minutes. Write as much as you can in that time (it’s okay to go over a little bit to end the scene properly).


“Finally, you’re awake.” Jacob’s and his brother had spent the last six hours chained to the wall. Fredrick, however, had the luxury of being in an alcohol induced sleep.

“What happened?”

“What do you remember?”

“Not much, but my head is pounding like you wouldn’t believe.” Fredrick tried unsuccessfully to rub at the sore spot.

“Well, that could be because you drank too much, or, and probably more likely, because you had a bar stool smashed over your head.”

“Why would someone do that to me? I’m the sweetest guy around.” Fredrick winked at his brother.

“Maybe it’s because you got into a bar brawl with Hans.”

“Hans never liked me, you know, he was always so mean.”

“That’s because he caught you trying to kiss Helga.”

“Ah Helga, what a wench.”

“Yes, but she is HIS wench.”

“So why are we chained up like dogs?”

“Weren’t you listening?”

“Okay then, why are YOU chained up like a dog?”

“Because while you were being beaten up by Hans, I was busy trying to make off with the magistrates purse.”

“Why did you do a stupid thing like that? Why the magistrate?”

“Because you are my older brother, my example; and because it was just dangling from his belt.”

“So how do we get out of this mess?”

“Rachel is working on it.”


“Well, she’s a woman, and he’s a man, how do you think she is working on it?”

“You mean to tell me, our young and virtuous little sister is trying to seduce the magistrate?”

“Yep.” Jacob grinned.

“You numskull, she will be locked up in here with us for sure, prostitution in illegal.”

“Not if he takes advantage of her charms.”

“We’re a family of damn criminals, Mother would turn over in her grave, bless her soul.”

Jacob grinned at his brother again, oozing with pride “Yep!”


The End